New Lab Practices, effective Monday, June 9

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jun 5 18:03:25 PDT 2008

Dear Labmembers:

Over the past few months, Quality Circles comprised of process and 
maintenance staff and students have been meeting regularly with the goal 
of defining ways in which we can improve our lab.  A lot of activities 
and programs have come out of these meetings -- and we would like to 
inform you of two of them, scheduled to begin next week.


First: Name tags.  Starting Monday, we will expect everyone to begin 
wearing name tags in the lab.  Blank tags will be provided in the 
gowning room and are colored coded to distinguish labmembers from staff 
and from visitors.  With 230+ labmembers making use of the lab every 
month, it's hard to know who everyone is, especially with bunnysuits 
on.  We hope this helps make it easier to find who that mystery Coral 
login "mrxyz" with the late innotec reservation is.  And we hope it will 
help reduce anonymity and improve personal accountability in the lab.


Second:  The shadowing program.  Starting Monday, labmembers wanting to 
be qualified on most wet benches and furnaces will be required first to 
observe a qualified labmember operate the system.  Shadowing forms will 
be available in the gowning room and will include some advice on 
shadowing courtesy.  For you experienced users, please be aware that new 
labmembers may scan through Coral reservations looking for someone to 
observe:  this may be you.  You have the right to refuse... but we want 
to encourage everyone to contribute and to use this as an opportunity to 
get to know, work with, and better train the next generation of 
labmembers.  And if you would like to be qualified on any of the 
automatic wet benches or furnaces, contact the appropriate staff member 
as usual; you'll be given instructions, forms, and training materials.


These are only a couple of the many activities, projects, and programs 
coming out of the Quality Circles.  If you would like to participate in 
any of these (Furnaces, Litho, Etch, Metals, RTA's, and Epi), please 
come to a meeting (most are held in CIS 201, but contact a staff member 
to confirm).  These are biweekly and schedules are posted on the 
whiteboard outside the gowning room. 


Thanks for your attention --


The SNF Quality Circles

Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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