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Jessica Kachian jskach at
Thu Jun 26 09:25:00 PDT 2008

Hello SNF Users,

I'm a grad student in Stacey Bent's lab in the ChE department.  I'm looking
for a MegaOhmMeter that I could borrow for about an hour.  I don't mean a
multimeter that measures megaohms or an impedance analyzer.  I mean
specifically a device that can apply up to 1 kV across an insulative
material and measure the resulting small current that would flow through it
(and calculate the resistance) if it were defective.  I badly need this
device to check whether or not the anode of our XPS gun is shorted to
ground.  Until we can determine if the problem is with our gun or our gun
controller, we cannot proceed with troubleshooting/repair.

Thank you so much,
Jessica Kachian

P.S.  An example of a MegaOhmMeter can be found here
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