Gael Close's PhD oral examination --- Monday May 12 @ 10am

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PhD oral examination
Title:* On-Chip Demonstration of Carbon Nanotube Interconnects*

Gael Close
Advisor: Prof. H.-S. Philip Wong

Date:* Monday, May 12 at 10am*, refreshments served at 9:45am
Location:* Packard 101*


Miniaturization in Electronics does not result in smaller high-performance
Instead the chips remain the same in size, but they become exponentially
more complex-more devices and more complex wiring. An electronic chip
is only as good as its wiring. Today, copper interconnect wires are
becoming performance bottlenecks in integrated circuits. Copper was
by chip makers in the late 90's to replace aluminum when the aluminum wires
started to limit chip performances, marking the beginning of the
"interconnect-centric era". What material is next beyond copper? Due to
excellent electrical properties and small size, metallic carbon nanotubes
are promising materials for interconnect wires in future integrated
Indeed, simulations have firmly established CNTs as strong contenders
for replacing or complementing copper interconnects.

This talk builds on these modeling promises, and explores the use of CNT
interconnects from an experimental point of view. As a proof of concept,
this work culminates in the realization of the first digital integrated
with CNT interconnects and silicon CMOS transistors. There remain
formidable challenges before a competitive CNT interconnect technology
can be implemented. However, the prototype chip described in the talk sets
a milestone by operating above 1 GHz, paving the way for future
multi-GHz nanoelectronics.

Gael Close
PhD Candidate
Center for Integrated Systems, CISX-300
Stanford University, California
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