Reminder: Fire Department Safety Exercise today ....

John Shott shott at
Mon May 19 10:55:43 PDT 2008

SNF Lab Members and CIS Building Occupants:

This is a reminder that Palo Alto Fire and Campus EH&S Emergency 
Response teams will be here starting at noon to simulate and practice 
their response to a corrosive gas leak.

We believe that there will be NO actual alarms sounded and there will be 
NO building evacuation as a result of this exercise.  If, however, you 
do see a lot of activity in the loading dock including fire trucks, fire 
personnel and other emergency responders wearing breathing apparatus and 
other protective equipment, do not be alarmed .... this is a planned 
part of the drill.  Most of the activity will be in the loading dock 
area .... although fire equipment may be stationed at several locations 
close to the building.

If fire alarms sound, toxic gas alarms sound, or you feel an earthquake 
during this time .... please evacuate promptly as that should be treated 
as a part of a real incident.

Thank you for your cooperation,


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