REMINDER: seminar in cis 101x: Materials and Technology for Monolithic Instruments

J Provine jprovine at
Tue May 20 15:48:02 PDT 2008

a potentially interesting talk today in a few minutes in CIS 101X:

Materials and Technology for Monolithic Instruments
Dr. Jeremy A. Theil

As CMOS process technology has matured over the past few years, a  
novel trend that has emerged is one in which new materials and  
structures are incorporated into or onto the integrated circuit to  
create novel devices. Monolithic instruments are systems and that  
combine conventional integrated circuits with novel solid-state  
components so they can interact with the physical environment. Such  
systems can achieve cost and performance enhancements through  
integration and miniaturization. Examples include a-Si:H photodiode  
arrays, OLED-based microdisplays, integrated biological and chemical  
detection systems, integrated optical and photonic systems, and  
digital micromirror displays. A non-exhaustive list of materials  
include those that can be incorporated into integrated circuits such  
as (i) deposited semiconductors including a-Si:H and microcrystalline  
silicon; (ii) OLED materials; (iii) chemically active and inert  
conductors; and (iv) organic conductors; (v) biocompatible materials;  
and (vi) magnetic thin films. This presentation briefly touches upon  
recent trend in monolithic instrument device and applications and new  
fabrication techniques that are CMOS fab compatible.


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