Reminder: PhD Oral Examination - Xiaobo Yin (Today, May 22, 2008, 1:00pm)

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Thu May 22 08:21:40 PDT 2008

Department of Electrical Engineering

University Oral Examination


Optical Nonspecular Effects at Surface Plasmon Resonance and their


Xiaobo Yin


Research Advisor: Lambertus Hesselink


1:00pm May 22nd 2008 (Refreshment at 12:45pm)


Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory (HEPL), Room 102 (The New Attachment
to the Varian Physics Building)



The experimental observation of the Goos-Hänchen effect, a lateral beam
shift at total internal reflection, has stimulated many interesting studies
on optical nonspecular phenomena. These include the angular shift of the
beam axis and the secondary nonspecular effects of shift in beam focus and
beam waist modification. However, most of these investigations are focused
on the geometrical parameters which lead to spatial nonspecular effects. In
this talk, the temporal nonspecular effect as well as its spatial
counterparts will be analyzed in an attenuated total internal reflection
device where surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is optically excited. The
physical quantities associated with these phenomena are identified and
examined experimentally. New observations such as negative Goos-Hänchen
displacement and superluminal pulse propagation at plasmon resonance will be


With improved and new understanding of the nonspecular effects at resonance,
several applications of the effects will be proposed. Specifically, a
Goos-Hänchen effect based biochemical SPR sensor (ghSPR) will be discussed
in detail. Due to the singular behavior of the effect at plasmon resonance,
the sensor achieves a superior sensitivity (up to 100x) compared to the
conventional, reflectivity based SPR sensor. Two prototypes of ghSPR sensors
with and without optical amplifications are demonstrated. Such sensors are
potentially very useful in many applications such as disease marker
screening and drug purification. As an example, low affinity antigen
recognition is performed as a proof-of-principle experiment.

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