Wet Bench Stand-byProcedure Improvement

Nancy Latta nlatta at stanford.edu
Thu May 22 14:16:40 PDT 2008

Dear Wet Bench Users,

We now have a new stand-by procedure for the dump rinsers.  As you 
recall, the dump rinsers must be left filled with water after use.  This 
allows for the automatic flush of the DI water lines and is crucial for 
keeping the system bacteria free.

Thanks to Jim Haydon, here is the new improved and _easier_ procedure to 
put the dump rinsers into stand-by;

*After the dump rinse is complete-*

1) Press OPEN to drain the water
2) Remove cassette with wafers
3) Close lid
4) Press <UP ARROW> to refill with water

This new procedure will be posted at the benches.

*__*- Team Wet Benches (Uli, Nancy, Jim)


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