Lab Evacuation Sunday morning...

Mary Tang mtang at
Sun Nov 2 09:36:17 PST 2008

Dear labmembers --

Some of you more industrious labmembers may have experienced this 
morning's lab evacuation.  At about 7:05 am, there was an evacuation for 
a toxic gas alarm.  Shortly thereafter, the Fire Department showed up.  
(For those of you who were here, we appreciate you leaving the lab in a 
timely manner.)  The problem was a toxic gas sensor in one of the labs 
in the other building (CISX), but since we share the same toxic gas 
vaults, the response affects the entire building.  Alarms were reset at 
about 7:25 am.  The building and lab are OK to re-occupy now.

If you were operating any equipment using any toxic gases (including H2) 
during this time, please double-check your measurements.  Please also 
get in touch with a process staff member about adjusting your equipment 
time, as appropriate.

Your SNF staff

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