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Hello all,

The RPL is hosting a vacuum training seminar on the afternoon of Nov. 10th, sponsored by Kurt Lesker.  The seminar is free and open to anyone.  The topics covered are listed in the enclosed attachment.  It will be worth it for all users of vacuum systems to attend, and people who more involved in design, maintenance, and troubleshooting of vacuum systems will especially get a lot out of it.


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Kurt J Lesker Company will be conducting a free vacuum training seminar on November 10 th from 3-6pm at Stanford University, Building 300, Room 300. We are being hosted by the Fritz Prinz Group of the Rapid Prototyping Lab in Mechanical Engineering. I have attached two word documents with all the details of the vacuum training and the background of Mike McKeown, who is our chief vacuum scientist, and will be conducting the training. I would appreciate it if you could post this flyer in your area, email it to others in your group or otherwise share this information on to others who may be interested in attending. It is not necessary to RSVP to attend but I would appreciate it if any interested parties could let me know in advance as we will be having it catered with drinks/snacks. 


Please visit our website at www.lesker.com 


Shawn U. Jones 

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Kurt J. Lesker Co. 

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The Kurt J. Lesker Company was founded in 1954 as a manufacturers' representative for vacuum products in Pittsburgh PA, USA. Today, we are an international manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and vacuum systems for research and industrial applications. We have three manufacturing locations, two in Pittsburgh and one in the UK; sales offices and warehouses across North America; KJLC offices in England and Hungary; and a network of agents around the world. 

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