Problems with Mozilla hanging?

John Shott shott at
Thu Nov 13 18:58:06 PST 2008

SNF Lab Members:

We have been experiencing a number of "runaway" browser sessions .... 
mostly mozilla but sometimes firefox.  When we get several of them, 
everything else (including Coral) pays the price .... so we are trying 
to resolve these issues.

If you think that you are experiencing this, I'd appreciate hearing from 
you if it happens when you go to a particular site.  For example, used to crash Mozilla browsers ..... and it still may 
happen.  If a browser crashes when you go to a web site, I'd like to 
hear about it because I'd like to learn if these crashes sessions become 
the runaway processes that we see.

Note: in a number of cases, a plug-in like Flash can cause a browser to 
crash .... although I've recently updated the Flash plug-in for both 
Mozilla and Firefox to the most recent release in hopes of reducing 
these problems.

In any event, if you consistently experience browser crashes .... 
particularly when visiting particular sites, I'd like to hear from you.

Thanks for your help,


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