Firefox 3 ...

John Shott shott at
Thu Nov 20 06:16:31 PST 2008

SNF Lab Members:

When I recently asked about problems with Mozilla hanging, I heard from 
a number of you about problems with Firefox crashing frequently ... 
particularly when visiting sites such a

A bit of study indicated that Firefox 3 has resolved a number of these 
issues.  As a result, I've now installed Firefox 3 on the Sunrays in the 
lab and it will be the browser that you get either if you issue the 
command "firefox" at the command prompt or if you click the Firefox icon 
in the menus.  (Note: if you still want/need to run the old version, you 
can issue the command "firefox2".)  The first time that you fire up the 
new Firefox 3, it will show you a License Acceptance window and then 
likely ask if you'd like that to be your default browser.

I'd like to thank Tom O'Sullivan, Kelley Riviore, Joey Doll, Albert Lin 
and Nahid Harjee for doing some advance testing of Firefox 3 for me.

Let me know if you encounter any problems but I'm hopeful that this will 
improve the Firefox experience for many of you.

Happy browsing,


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