SiO2/PR selectivity in MRC

John Ross Jameson jameson at
Mon Oct 13 10:54:26 PDT 2008


Does anyone have an MRC recipe for an SiO2 etch that's got at least a 2:1
selectivity over the 955 photoresist (or 3612, if that's all you have)?

Last week, I did an etch with 2.5 sccm O2, 15 sccm CHF3, 50W, 50mT, but
found it etched PR *faster* than SiO2 (I need the opposite).  I've had
suggestions of pumping down the chamber longer to remove residual O2,
reducing the O2 flow rate, and breaking the etch into pieces to keep the
sample from heating up.

Thanks in advance,

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