Cleanliness & Contamination Working Group: Meeting this Friday, 3 pm

Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Oct 20 10:14:08 PDT 2008


Since our meeting on cleanliness and contamination a few weeks ago, many 
meetings and discussions have taken place.  Again, we'd like to 
emphasize that no policy decisions have been made. Instead the 
discussions have focused on how to structure an ongoing forum whereby 
the lab community can work out how new process flows can be incorporated 
into the lab without risking others' work..

The first cleanliness and contamination working group meeting will be 
this Friday, Oct. 24, at 3 pm, in CIS 101.  The philosophical approach 
NOT a radical shift in the basic cleanliness and contamination policies 
of the lab, but rather to facilitate pathways to meet more of our 
labmembers' processing needs.  The discussion at this meeting is 
intended to be at a fairly high level, where other working groups and 
activities may be spun out to address specific issues in more detail.  
Certain PI's may be invited to participate as appropriate.  Meeting 
minutes will be posted for the lab community.

The objective in this first meeting will be to identify specific process 
technologies with special needs and identify the labmember advocate who 
will represent this technology in working group meetings.  Several 
people have already volunteered (or been volunteered by their PI's) to 
represent the following areas:  novel materials for CMOS; memory; GaAs 
on Si; detectors; EE410; MEMS; nanowires, solar.  If you have specific 
critical needs for your process technology, whether it is to maintain a 
certain level of cleanliness or introduce a previously untested 
material, and you are willing to serve as an advocate for your process 
technology, then we invite you to participate in this working group 

Thanks for your attention --

Jim McVittie, Ed Myers, Peter Griffin, John Shott, Mike Deal, & Mary Tang

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