OSA/SPIE Seminar: Jon Roth / Aesthera - Thurs. 10/23, 4pm, Ginzton AP 299

Rebecca Schaevitz rschaevitz at stanford.edu
Mon Oct 20 12:26:34 PDT 2008

The Optical Society of America/SPIE Stanford Student Chapter, and the
Stanford Photonics Research Center present:

"Light, Vacuum, Acne: Research at a Medical Device Startup"
Speaker: Jonathan E. Roth, Aesthera

Thursday, October 23, 2008
4:15pm, Ginzton Building, AP 299
Refreshments at 4:00pm

Abstract: Acne is typically treated with drugs. Due to dangers of
isotretinoin, a medication used for severe acne, and growing concern over
the over-prescription of antibiotics, there is a need for new safe and
effective treatments. The first part of this talk will describe a novel acne
treatment developed by Aesthera utilizing light and suction. Light is used
to selectively heat structures in skin. Suction applied during light pulsing
increases the selectivity of absorption by stretching the skin surface while
raising the pilosebaceous unit, where acne occurs, towards the surface.
Further ongoing research to
improve acne treatment will be discussed.
   The second part of the talk will focus on the experience of working in a
startup, and contrasts with academia. While long-term research can boost the
valuation and chances of long-term success of a small company, the startup
must focus on short term profitability to gain solid footing. The product
development process for a medical device
will also be discussed.

About our speaker: Jon Roth earned a Ph.D. in 2007, working with
optoelectronic modulators in David Miller's group. In 2008 he joined
Aesthera, a startup which sells medical devices to dermatologists.
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