reminder seminar today (2/9) 3-4pm in cis 101x Dennis Yost of Cavendish Kinetics on MEMS Non-Volatile Memory

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Mon Feb 9 09:20:58 PST 2009

Hello everyone,
reminder of the seminar today (2/9) in CIS 101X from 3 to 4pm.
Speaker:  Dennis Yost of Cavendish Kinetics
Title:  A MEMS platform:  Non Volatile Memory and Beyond

Abstract:  Being a technology startup focused on device-level intellectual property instead of design IP presents a very broad set of challenges as well as some unique opportunities.  The main challenge is overcoming the traditional MEMS challenge of developing a suitable platform technology that can support a wide variety of markets.  The emergence of the “R&D foundry” industry allows for the mainstream IC technologies to be used as platforms for developing process and device technology.  The business opportunity arises from the fact that the traditional IC companies are not developing new devices, merely enhancing the performance of the existing ones.  The only real exceptions are companies with analog/mixed signal background:  STM, TI and ADI are examples of companies that have delivered new devices based on MEMS.

This talk will discuss the challenges and approaches to creating a MEMS platform that is capable of delivering multiple technologies in a given flow. That is compatible with existing IC technologies.  The first application is focused on using a MEMS switch as a nonvolatile memory.   That switch is then used as a building block for creating additional devices using the same process flow to deliver an entire portfolio of products.

Biosketch:  Dennis Yost joined Cavendish Kinetics in March 2007 as CEO. Since 2006 he has been a member of the Cavendish Kinetics Board of Directors. Prior to joining Cavendish Kinetics, he was Vice President and General Manager of the CMP business unit at Novellus Systems Inc. Prior to Novellus, Dennis was Chief Operating Officer at Lightpath Technologies and was General Manager and Managing Director at Applied Materials Corp. Prior to Applied Materials, he held various engineering management and engineering positions with Texas Instruments Corp. including engineering manager in the Digital Light Products Components Group. Dennis also worked as a process engineer for Intel Corp. Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Texas A&M University as well as a M.B.A. degree from Southern Methodist University.


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