Cleanliness/Contamination Meeting, Friday, 2/27, 3 pm in CIS 101

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Feb 26 15:22:17 PST 2009

Hi all -

Just a reminder of the cleanliness/contamination meeting Friday, 3 pm, 
in CIS 101.  Summary from the last meeting can be found here:
(sorry, the last email pointed to an older summary.)

Topics for discussion:

1.  Carbon nanotube furnace.  Albert 
2.  Quantifying contamination (lifetime testing).  Jim McV
3.  Equipment groups and materials capability in Etch. Ed, Jim McV
4.  Semiclean metal deposition and PVD ("clean" Cr, Ge, etc.)  Ed, Peter
5.  More capable "gold" RTA.  Ed

If there's time:
6.  New equipment update (such as ALD)
7.  Documentation of contamination risk issues (going beyond "clean", "semiclean" and "gold.")

Your SNF Staff

-- Mary X. Tang, Ph.D. Stanford Nanofabrication Facility CIS Room 136, 
Mail Code 4070 Stanford, CA 94305 (650)723-9980 mtang at

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