PhD Oral Examination: "Modeling of Nanometallic Waveguides," 3pm, AP200

S. Ekin Kocabas kocabas at
Thu Jun 18 09:35:26 PDT 2009

PhD Oral Examination
Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Speaker: S. Ekin Kocabas, kocabas at
Title: Modeling of Nanometallic Waveguides
Date: Thursday, June 18, 2009
Time: 3:15pm (refreshments at 3:00pm)
Location: Applied Physics, Rm 200


Plasmonics is a new and vibrant branch of optics that tries to understand
and design metallic structures to focus and guide light at the nanometer
level, below the diffraction limit, with applications covering a wide range
of fields from bio-sensing to optical interconnects. The optical
interconnect applications will require a dense integration between the
optical and the electrical components which necessitates a solid
understanding of the way electromagnetic waves propagate and scatter as they
flow through the system.

In this talk, I will focus on one of the most popular waveguiding geometries
in plasmonics: the metal-insulator-metal (MIM) waveguide. The talk will
illustrate the use of the ideas developed in the microwave domain to design
waveguiding components at optical wavelengths. As an example, I will provide
the details on the use of the Smith Chart to build a mode converter that
transforms the mode of a large waveguide to that of a smaller waveguide with
no energy loss [1]. Circuit models for waveguide junctions will be derived
and their physical significance will be discussed as well. Lastly, the modes
of the MIM waveguide will be at the focus of our theoretical lens [2]. I
will compare and contrast the rich set of modes that exists in the MIM
waveguide to those that exist in the dielectric slab and the parallel plate
waveguides. The importance of using the full set of supported modes---which
form a complete basis set---will be illustrated by mode-matching

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