Remote Coral from behind firewalls ....

John Shott shott at
Mon Jun 22 07:44:27 PDT 2009

SNF Lab Members:

There have been a small number of you who have been unable to run Remote 
Coral because of firewall issues .... particularly from industrial 
concerns or government labs with tightly locked down firewalls.  We 
believe that we have been able to control the ports that the Coral 
servers are using in hopes that your local IT staff will be able to open 
up your firewalls in order to be able to run Remote Coral.

We are now able to tell you that the Coral servers will be running on 
the range of ports from 50000 to 50014 on the server 

In other words, if your firewall folks are willing to open your local 
firewall to the range of ports 50000:50014 when the destination IP 
address is ( you should be able to run the SNF version of 
Remote Coral.

Note, if you also wish to run the SNL version of Remote Coral, that will 
be the same port range (50000:50014) but the destination address is 

Let me know if this allows you to run remote coral when you had 
previously been blocked.



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