Delicious post-lunch treats in Nancy's office

Raja Jain jrjain at
Mon Jun 29 12:55:56 PDT 2009

Ease your way into the work week with a delicious post-lunch treat!  The SNF
bake sale is on in Nancy's office (Allen 145) now!  A large variety of
homemade items (listed below) are available for sale, courtesy of several
generous staff and lab members.  Come enjoy some special goods (including
Scottish and Turkish pastries) and support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!


Panna cotta (Marika)

Mango orange fruit preserves (Marika)

Blueberry scones (Robin)

Cranberry orange scones (Robin)

Spinach & Feta Cheese Borek (Nevran)

Scottish flapjacks (Debbie)

Apple, walnut, and cinnamon pastry with powdered sugar (Nevran)

Chocolate rum balls (Robin)

Chocolate and double-chocolate chip cookies (Maureen)

Ginger cookies (Serene)

Double-chocolate chip cookies (Raja)

Zucchini, chocolate, and walnut muffins (Linda O.)

Blueberry muffins (Maureen)

Brownies (Maureen)

Rice-Krispie Treats (Maureen)

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