Annual Nanoprobes Workshop at Stanford, April 24. Register now.

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Dear SNF Labmembers,

On Friday April 24, Stanford's Center for Probing the Nanoscale will
present its 5th Annual Nanoprobes Workshop, on Stanford campus at the
Bechtel Conference Center. Ten outstanding speakers will describe
cutting-edge developments in imaging nanoscale electronic, magnetic,
optical, and chemical phenomena. This will be followed by a
student/postdoc poster session. You and your colleagues are warmly
invited to attend the workshop. Students are encouraged to present
posters -- we typically have many industry attendees who appreciate
having students explain their exciting work.

The website is open for registration. Details about registration and
speakers are below. Also see attached program.

Laraine Lietz-Lucas, lietz at

Best wishes,
David Goldhaber-Gordon
Deputy Director, Center for Probing the Nanoscale, an NSF Nanoscale
Science and Engineering Center



Registration Fee Structure:

Industry - $100
Academic and Government (except CPN Investigators) - $50
Community College, K-12, and Museum Personnel - $25
Students and CPN investigators are free but must register

Bob Westervelt, Harvard University
“Imaging Quantum Devices”
Dmitri Basov, University of California, San Diego
“Infrared Nano-Scopy of Complex Materials”
Sergei Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
“Deciphering Nanoscale Interactions: Artificial Neural Networks and
Scanning Probe Microscopy”
Dawn Bonnell, University of Pennsylvania
“Beyond Structure: Probing Complex Properties with Subnanometer Resolution”
Sasha Balatsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory
“Dirac Materials”
Alex de Lozanne, University of Texas, Austin
“Nanocharacterization with Scanning Probes”
Matthias Bode, Argonne National Laboratory
“Imaging Non-Collinear Magnetic Nanostructures with Atomic Resolution”
Ophir Auslaender, Stanford University
“Probing Microscopic and Dynamical Properties of Superconducting
Vortices by Vortex Dragging”
Joachim Stöhr, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
“X-Ray Studies of the Ultrafast Magnetic Nanoworld”
Dan Rugar, IBM Almaden Research Center
“Nanoscale MRI – The Quest for a Molecular Structure Microscope”

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