Free Electro-mechanical Components

Gary J Sosa gsosa at
Mon Mar 16 10:30:31 PDT 2009

Hi All...

  The SNF lab is in process of removing and discarding a vintage tool from the lab.The system is a Nikon body 4 wafer stepper. Before we dispose of it, we are offering up any components that may be of use to the engineering community. Here is a list if items that can be salvaged and reused:

  1. DC Power supplies

  2. Cooling fans

  3. Interconnect cabling

  4. Electronic components

  5. Switches, potentiometers, meters. ect..

  6. Miscellaneous hardware

   These items will be available until Wednesday(3/18) after which we will dispose of them. If you are interested, we are moving the items to the CIS loading dock( Paul G Allen Building ) for your viewing. It is your responsibility to dis-assemble and remove any parts that you want, or make other arrangements as needed. However, Wednesday is the deadline and all will be gone. There may be more available at a later date as we are still de-installing and removing the main body of the tool. Items may include optically flat granite surface, interferometer system, miscellaneous optical components, electro-mechanical subsystems.

  If you are interested, please stop be the CIS loading dock and have a look. The items will be marked "Free Stuff". If you have any questions, get a hold of Gary( 5-1685) or Mario( 5-5538) and we will happy to point out the items.

   Thanks...  Gary


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