litho room smell .... update

John Shott shott at
Sat May 23 14:58:45 PDT 2009

SNF Lab Members:

I believe that the smell in the litho area is actually the smell of 
varnish that is getting pulled into the lab.

There is a crew re-varnishing the woodwork at the main entrance to the 
building.  Between about 2 and 2:30 pm they were spraying a fresh coat 
of varnish with a compressed-air power sprayer ... which was quite 
smelly in the office areas.  They also had opened the front doors to let 
the smell escape.  I suspect that the varnish fumes were going out the 
front door .... which is very close to the intake to the air system for 
the cleanroom ... and then getting pulled into the cleanroom.  Because 
the air handler intake closest to the Allen building entrance doors 
supplies the lithography area close to the headway, I suspect this is 
why the smell is strongest in that area.

In fact, I have gone in to make sure that there is not a resist problem 
near the headway .... and believe that it is residual varnish that is 
the source of smell in the area.

They are done spraying now and the smell near the freshly varnished area 
is already noticeably less as the varnish dries.  The work crew expects 
that the varnish should be almost completely dry in another hour or so.

These smells can give you a headache.  If you find this smell bothersome 
.... either in the lab or in the offices .... I suggest that you clear 
out for an hour or two.  I fully expect that there will be no noticeable 
smell by late this afternoon.

I apologize that were not aware that this project was going to happen 
today so that we could have provided some advance warning.

Have a good weekend,


> dear all,
> the litho room (around headway) has a fairly strong resist smell. This 
> was confirmed by several of us...take care 

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