MEMS Seminar, TODAY: Commercializing New Technologies - From Lab to Fab , 4-5pm in Allen-101X

Roozbeh Parsa rparsa at
Wed May 27 08:25:50 PDT 2009

MEMS Seminar Announcement:

Today, May 27th, 2009
4:00 – 5:00 pm
Allen-101X (formerly known as CISX-101)

Commercializing New Technologies - From Lab to Fab

Prakash Krishnan
Director of Strategic Marketing at SVTC

As an independent development services company for the commercialization of novel silicon-based technologies, SVTC provides its silicon development customers access to two state-of-the-art, IP-secure development fabs –in San Jose, California, and Austin, Texas –with a full complement of 200 mm (8-inch) and 300 mm (12-inch) advanced CMOS and MEMS fabrication equipment, designed to speed the development of best-of-class solutions.

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