Reminder: MEMS Seminar: Microsystems Enabled Applications : PV, Tues. Nov 3 (TODAY), 4-5pm in Allen-101X

Katherine Tsai kattsai at
Tue Nov 3 15:53:59 PST 2009

MEMS Seminar Announcement:

Tuesday November 3, 2009 (TODAY)
4 - 5 pm
Allen-101X (formerly known as CISX-101)

Microsystems Enabled Applications : PV
Speaker: Murat Okandan, Ph.D. Principal Member of Technical Staff
Advanced MEMS Department
Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Microsystems have been under development for many decades and have
found  applications in a wide variety of places.  Metrics for success
in these applications have been tied to improved performance, reduced
costs and enabling of new approaches rather than solely the smaller
size scale of the new devices.  This talk will briefly touch on some
of the new devices and microsystems that are being developed at
Sandia, such as devices for seismic monitoring, neural probes,
components of an artificial retina, ultra-fast shock sensors,
front-end CMOS integrated silicon nanowires and an atomic
magnetometer.  Another very exciting project, which at first look
would not benefit from microsystems approaches, is photovoltaics.  We
have been developing a new manufacturing approach based on
microsystems fabrication techniques which leverages the strengths of
crystalline silicon devices and has the potential to lower costs below
what is possible with standard crystalline silicon or thin film
manufacturing techniques while enabling new form factors and
deployment options.  And, there will be plenty of time available after
the seminar to talk about gliders and soaring.

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