webcams in SNF cleanroom for educations activities

Michael Deal mdeal at
Tue Nov 24 11:52:06 PST 2009

SNF Labmembers,

You may have noticed that we have recently placed some webcameras inside 
the cleanroom. There are 9 of them, mostly aimed down hallways. The 
primary use of these will be for education activities as outlined below.
As education director of SNF, along with Maurice Stevens and Uli 
Thumser, I have developed remote access activities using webcameras in 
the past, mostly utilizing a single, Sony network camera, to transmit 
video images into classrooms from the cleanroom as part of NNIN/NSF 
education programs. I’ve also worked with Georgia Tech, another NNIN 
member, who has 14 webcams in their cleanroom 
( which we have also utilized 
jointly for similar education activities, and which has been very 
successful. We now have decided to do similar education activities with 
fixed webcams in SNF. A common scenario is to give guided tours through 
the cleanroom, with Maurice or Uli for example going from room to room 
while talking by telephone to students in their classrooms while they 
watch and interact with Maurice through the image on a browser. We also 
will use them in conjunction with the Sony cam to do AFM and SEM demos, 
as well as other processing equipment. We also can use this to give lab 
tours to students in the Linvill conference room (101) rather than 
gown-up tours, which are very disruptive and difficult, or window tours, 
in which the students can not see much anyway.

The webcam images are password protected, and would not be available to 
anyone except the students watching the remote activities on that day, 
and associated staff members such as myself.

In certain situations, the webcams may also provide a benefit from a 
safety perspective. If alarms go off or we experience an earthquake, for 
example, senior staff would be able to do a quick check of cleanroom, 
even from home if necessary, in order to gain more information on what 
is occurring. Again, the images would not be available to anyone except 
a few SNF staff members through the password-protected interfaces.

We will not be recording the images, except perhaps during education 
activities and only for those education purposes. We will not be using 
the webcams for surveillance, etc.

We ask that you do not move our webcams. And do not think that you are 
being watched all the time - we will only be looking at the images 
during education activities, or for testing, or during safety-related 

So in summary:
- 9 webcams are now in the cleanroom
- They will be used for education and safety-related situations only.
- The images are password protected and will only be viewed during 
education activities, testing for those activities, and during 
safety-related situations, such as when alarms go off.
- Please do not touch or move the webcams, or change their viewing 

- If you have any questions, contact me, Mike Deal, SNF Education 
Director, 5-3607, mdeal at
-Thanks -Mike Deal, SNF

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