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Chong Xie chongxie at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 8 15:13:47 PDT 2009

Thanks for all the responses. I summarized the information I received. I hope it will be helpful if someone else need it as well.


sierra proto express (http://www.protoexpress.com/) is local (sunnyvale) but can be expensive

imagineering (http://pcbnet.com) is in illinois but they are the least expensive that i have found, especially if you panelize. i have an active order with them right now, 3 day turnaround and 2 day shipping.
- joey

Try http://www.infinitisolutions.com/emsservices.html
They have a local quick turn service.


They're not local, but Circuit Express (http://www.circuitexpress.com/) can get you a quick turn-around time.



If one week is ok, you can go with some Chinese companies for rather low price.
I use this one a few months ago. <$100 for ~50 pieces and delivered within a week.
http://www.goldphoenixpcb.biz/  and click "Special price"


You can try http://www.qualtechcircuits.com/


Hui Nie

We use San Francisco Circuits (San Mateo).  They offer expedited service, and are very flexible.  Our contact there is:

Andrew Gonzales
agonzales at sfcircuits.com

Tell Andrew that I referred you.

Good Luck,
Dariusz Golda

I'm using 'Sierra Proto Express' for several years already. Never had a 
problem. Just get the online quotation and see what their prices are.


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