Fwd: Zeta-20 Three Day, 3D Imaging Demo at SNF

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Mon Sep 14 12:31:53 PDT 2009


I want to remind everyone about the 3D Imaging 
demonstration.  The tool has been set-up and is 
ready for any and all samples.  The Zeta system 
is located near the GaAs wet bench.


>To: labmembers at snf.stanford.edu
>From: Ed Myers <edmyers at stanford.edu>
>Subject: Zeta-20 Three Day, 3D Imaging Demo at SNF
>Cc: "Robert Kertayasa" <robert.kertayasa at zeta-inst.com>
>Stanford Nanofabrication Lab Members,
>Zeta Instruments and SNF is happy to announce a 
>three day, on-site demo of the Zeta-20 next 
>week, Monday Sept. 14th through Wednesday Sept. 16th.
>The demo schedule plan is as follows:
>Monday, Sept. 14. We will arrive around 10:30 am 
>to have the system ready and start the demos around 1pm.
>Tuesday, Sept. 15. Demo from 9 to 5.
>Wednesday, Sept. 16. Demo from 9 to 4. 
>Afterwards, we will pack up the system. However, 
>if there are more samples to run, we can run them at our facility in San Jose.
>The Zeta-20 is a cost effective 3D imaging and metrology microscope.
>Some of the key measurement capabilities are:
>·     Very low reflectivity samples
>·    High roughness samples (e.g. too rough for AFM to measure)
>·    Sub-micron to millimeters of vertical range
>·    True color 3D images
>The Zeta-20 scans your samples in Z direction 
>and creates a composite image. It is a low cost 
>yet powerful 3D imaging and metrology system. 
>The Zeta-10 upgrade package  is an alternative 
>to the stand-alone Zeta-20. It converts your 
>existing 2D microscope into a 3D metrology 
>system. The Zeta systems are based on non-confocal optical technology.
>We look forward to seeing you. For inquiries 
>about the Zeta products, please contact:
>Rob Kertayasa
>Zeta Instruments
>1909 Concourse Drive, San Jose, CA 95131
>Phone: 510 468 7868
><mailto:Robert.kertayasa at zeta-inst.com>Robert.kertayasa at zeta-inst.com
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