PhD defense- Kuan-Lin Chen, Wednesday 2pm, September 30, Mechanical Eng. Research Lab

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Fri Sep 25 13:15:26 PDT 2009

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University PhD Dissertation Defense

Title: Wafer level thin-film encapsulation for RF MEMS resonators and  
Advisor: Prof. Thomas W. Kenny, Prof. Roger T. Howe

Time:  September 30, 2009, 2:00 pm (Refreshment served at 1:45pm)
Location: Mechanical Engineering Research Lab (MERL), Conference room  
(2nd floor, by the kitchen area)
Campus map:

RF MEMS devices are becoming an promising alternatives for components  
in radio systems due to its high-Q, size, and on-chip compatibility.  
However, packaging for RF MEMS devices still remains a big challenge  
for commercialization. Using epitaxial silicon thin-film to  
encapsulate MEMS devices has been shown as a robust packaging  
technology, however the frequencies of devices were not yet in the  
radio frequency ranges. This talk will first evaluate the signal  
characteristics of silicon packaging followed by the presentation of  
two innovative packaging methods optimized for RF resonators and  
filters. The performances and models of resonators and filters  
packaged using these methods will also be presented.


Kuan-Lin Chen
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