Slippery floor in front of svgdev ...

John Shott shott at
Thu Apr 1 20:11:02 PDT 2010

SNF Lab Members:

Earlier this evening Rishi reported a slippery spot on the floor in 
front of svgdev.  While trying to investigate, we realized that there 
was a very slow leak coming through the ceiling.  Further investigation 
revealed that there was a 1 meter diameter puddle of the hot water that 
is used to heat the cleanroom sitting on the floor directly above this 
area.  This water must contain an additive that makes it very slippery.  
In any event, we have dried the puddle on the floor and confirmed that 
there is no additional leakage.  However, there is likely still water 
below the fan deck but above the HEPA filters that is inaccessible.  As 
a result, there will likely continue to be additional slow leakage 

We have marked the area with two plastic caution signs.  Please be 
EXCEEDINGLY CAREFUL when walking in this area ... it is quite slippery.  
We may put down spill absorbent pads ... but be very careful when 
walking on them because they are likely still very slippery.

Have a safe, but productive, evening,


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