spring quarter N/MEMS seminars

Roger T. Howe rthowe at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 5 08:04:55 PDT 2010


As a heads up, here's the list of seminars for the upcoming quarter.  No 
titles or abstracts yet, but the talk by Tony Tang on the Siimpel 
auto-focus motor for cellphone cameras on June 1 is a chance to connect 
with an interesting startup from L.A.  Anne is doing extreme nanofab at 
the Advanced Light Source ... two heavy-hitters from BSAC, as well as 
Anita Flynn to talk about her flying cm-scale robot.  Adam is a senior 
Ph.D. student who's been doing interesting work with Sam Gambhir in the 
medical school.  Last and certainly not least, Franz Laemer is headed to 
Hilton Head for a plenary talk on silicon DRIE, but is in town and will 
give it here on Friday, June 4.


> Location:  Allen 101X Auditorium
> Time:  4:00-5:00 pm
> April 13 Anne Sakdinawat, LBNL
> April 27 Adam de la Zerda, EE Dept. and Molecular Imaging Program, 
> Stanford
> May 4  Liwei Lin, ME Dept. and BSAC, UC Berkeley
> May 11 Michel Maharbiz, EECS Dept. and BSAC, UC Berkeley
> May 25 Anita Flynn, Micropropulsion, Berkeley
> June 1 Tony Tang, Siimpel, Arcadia
> June 4 Franz Laemer, Bosch Research, Stuttgart

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