Labmembers'/New Equipment Meeting: Tues. Apr. 13, 1pm Auditorium

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Apr 7 11:17:48 PDT 2010

Dear Labmembers --

As you may be aware, we were fortunate last year to obtain funding that 
would allow us to acquire new tools.  We were able to obtain a stimulus 
grant and leverage this to obtain supplemental funds from other faculty 
and programs, such as the new nanobuilding.  Last December, we presented 
an outline of plans to acquire new equipment for the lab and solicited 
your input for their selection.

Thanks to your input and the due diligence of the new equipment team, 
tools have been ordered and are being built and even shipped at this 
moment.  A couple of them are already here.  Now, already installation 
plans are underway and some of you are already experiencing some of the 
disruptions to normal lab operations.
Here is the list of new tools:

- RTA 610 (two of them, to replace the two RTA210's)
- IntlVac Ebeam evaporator
- IntlVac PVD/Sputter deposition system
- PlasmaTherm ICP Plasma-Enhanced Vapor Deposition system
- PlasmaTherm Capactively-Coupled Plasma-Enhaced Vapor Deposition System
- Two-Chamber Cambridge Nanotech Fiji ALD system

We invite you to come and hear all about the new equipment at a 
labmembers' meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 13, at 1 pm in the 
Allen Auditorium.  You will hear about their process capabilities, 
installation/qualification timelines, and logistics.  If you can't make 
the meeting, the presentations will be posted soon afterward. We would 
especially welcome your input as to how we can make this transitions 
with minimum impact to your work  With added capacity and lots of new 
capability, these tools will no doubt transform research here.  We are 
all excited about the new possibilities and invite everyone in the lab 
community to contribute their success.

The New Equipment Team
(John Shott, Ed Myers, Jim McVittie, Tom O'Sullivan, J Provine, Ted 
Berg, Jim Haydon, Elmer Enriquez, Mary Tang)

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