SNF Alphastep and Lab Bins

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Apr 8 06:54:35 PDT 2010

Greetings labmembers --

You may have noticed a few changes in the lab.  In preparation for the 
arrival of new equipment (come to Tuesday afternoon's labmembers' 
meeting to learn more!) some furniture has moved around. 

Lab Bins:  Lab bins in tall shelving near the old alphastep/chemicals 
passthrough (A70-A119) are now in the room where the Flammables cabinets 
live.  Lab bins that were under tables in that area (A120-129, A30-39) 
are now near the gasonics.  Please be aware that these may move again, 
as equipment arrives.

Analytical tools:  The analytical tools in this area are now located in 
the old mask room just off to the right side as you enter the Litho area. 

Alphastep:  The long saga of the old alphastep 200 is coming to a 
close.  Our old system had been "repaired" but is still not functioning 
the way it should be (accurate, but a lot more noise).  Ted and Ul have 
arranged for a trade-up to an AS500, now located in the old mask room 
with the other analytical tools.  Uli has written operating procedures 
and has been training interested people on this system, although it 
should be straightforward from the instructions for anyone who knows the 
200.  It is pretty simple, but has a lot more features than the old 
200.  Please be aware that the old AS200 will be leaving the lab Friday.

Thanks for your attention and patience as we stage the new tool 
installation (more details at Tuesday's meeting!)

Your SNF Staff

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