Annoying windows popping up over the top of Coral in CDE window manager ....

John Shott shott at
Thu Apr 8 18:33:21 PDT 2010

SNF Lab Members:

Several folks have reported an annoying behavior in the latest version 
of Coral on the Sunrays that, we believe, only happens with the older 
CDE desktop environment.

If you enable a tool, after you hit OK in the window that allows you to 
select project and account, rather than the normal Coral window 
returning to the top, if you have an underlying window, such as a 
command prompt, it will move to the top.  This is an interaction between 
the CDE (Common Desktop Environment) and the Java GUI stuff.  Sun/Oracle 
is aware of this .... and has been for some time ... but has not come up 
with a fix.

One way around this is to not use the Common Desktop Environment, but to 
use the Java Desktop System (JDS) that does not appear to be affected by 
this problem.

Even if you do not want to make a permanent change away from CDE to JDS, 
you can test it out temporarily.

Here is how:

Next time you are about to login to one of the Sunrays, make sure that 
you insert a smart card .... if you don't have a smart card inserted you 
don't get the right options.  Before you type in your login name, select 
the Option button, select the Sessions sub-menu item, and then select 
"Java Desktop System, Release 3" under that.  Then login and you will 
get a different looking set of windows ... and, I think, you should find 
Coral at the top of the start menu.  In any event, from this point on, 
you will automatically get the Java Desktop System rather than the older 
Common Desktop Environment unless and until you select these options 
again (with a smart card inserted) and explicly switch back to the 
Common Desktop Environment.

We apologize that we did not spot this earlier ... but, by default, we 
happen to use the Java Desktop System and this is the first case where 
we've ever seen a difference between the two desktop environments.

Let us know if you have any further problems,


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