PhD Defense - Katherine Tsai, Thursday, April 15, 2010, 1:00 pm

Katherine Tsai kattsai at
Mon Apr 12 11:53:49 PDT 2010

Stanford University Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

Title: “Magnetic Nanoparticle-based Technologies for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications”

Katherine Tsai
Department of Electrical Engineering
Research Advisor:  Prof. Roger Howe

Date:  Thursday, April 15, 2010
Time: 1:00 pm (Refreshments beforehand)
Location: CIS-X 101 (Auditorium)


Lab-on-a-Chip devices are attractive for medical diagnostics due to
their ability to perform laboratory tasks on small scales.  In this
talk, I will show how magnetic nanoparticle-based technologies hold
promise for low-power, remote actuation in Lab-on-a-Chip systems, with
a focus on two applications: cell separation and microfluidic pumping.
 I will first describe the characterization of the magnetic, optical,
and mechanical properties of a magnetic polymer composed of SU-8
polymer embedded with magnetic nickel nanoparticles.  Next, I will
show how micropillars made of this magnetic polymer can be used to
capture magnetic bead-bound breast cancer cells in microchannels.
Finally, I will demonstrate how magnetic nanoparticles suspended
within a fluid can be used for chemistry-independent microfluidic

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