Dry Etching of Metals with Good Selectivity

Jenny Hu jennyhu at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 13 00:23:28 PDT 2010

Hi Labmembers,

I'm looking for a suitable metal for a gate first MOSFET flow. 

I am thinking of using a dual metal structure where the top metal can be dry etched with selectivity over the bottom metal.   I would also like to be able to wet etch the bottom metal to prevent overetching and roughening the underlying substrate, which may limit me to  Ti, Cr, and Au.  Both metals also need to withstand a 600C, so Al is not an option. If you know of a suitable dry etch chemistry, please tell me.  

Another option for me is to use a single metal structure, if there is a metal that can be dry etched with good selectivity to Al2O3 or InGaAs.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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