Fga2 Furnace Abuse

Jiale Liang liangjl at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 27 21:05:44 PDT 2010

Hi, Professor Howe, Professor Wong, Mary, and Nancy.

I enabled my fga2 around 15:30pm and I have reserved the tool for a long time annealling till next day. I adjusted my temperature to 400C, put my wafer into the furnace and left SNF around 17:30. However, when I came back 2 hours after, I was surprised to see the door of the furnace is fully open, the quartz cap is put on the desk beside and the temperature shows only 267C. 

Everyone knows the fga2 is a manual-controlled furnace and the wafers can be directly seen through the door.  It is hard to believe someone opened the door, pulled out the quartz cap and adjusted the temperature setting UNINTENTIONALLY.  Even if the labmember opened the furnace by mistake without checking the Coral first, they should not leave the quartz tube uncapped, the door open, and the temperature adjusted.  Since I came with the furnace fully open without any message left around the tool, it  makes me feel extremely unsafe in this lab and cannot trust my samples any more.  The failure of this step ruins all my previous work and costs me tens of hours to start again.  I hope people can respect others' work and instrument reservation.

Please let me know who operated that furnace during that period.  I will really appreciate that.



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