Odor in the lab reported

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Wed Aug 18 21:50:29 PDT 2010

Dear labmembers,

This evening around 7:30 pm, a concerned labmember reported a strong 
"sweetish" odor in the lab near the LPCVD furnaces.  By about 8:30 pm, 
the odor was reported to have dissipated.   "Sweet" is not typically 
used to describe any of the gases and chemicals used in the lab.  And 
with the air handling system, it can be difficult to where a particular 
smell may be coming from.  However, everyone should always be alert for 
changes in the lab environment -- smells and sounds are often the first 
clues to problems.  So, if anyone has observed anything else unusual in 
this area around 7:30 pm, please let a staff member know.


Your SNF Staff

Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at stanford.edu

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