Update on reported lab odor

maurice maurice at stanford.edu
Thu Aug 19 16:04:36 PDT 2010

Subject: Update on reported lab odor

Dear Labmembers:

Last night around 7:30 pm, a strong odor was reported in the lab near 
the wbsilicide bench. The immediate area was cleared. By 8:30, the odor 
had completely dissipated. Toxic gas sensors located in this area did 
not detect alarm levels; if they had, there would have been an automatic 
building evacuation.

Today, we think the possible source might have been tylan6*,* the POCl3 
furnace. This furnace will remain shutdown until we can take measures to 
ensure it can be run safely. Until then, if you really need phosporous 
doping, staff will work with you to find alternatives.

We want to acknowledge rostam and xzhuang1 who observed the problem and 
acted quickly to shutdown the tylan6 furnace, and maxms who informed 
staff by calling the off-hours duty phone.

Please always be alert to unusual odors and sounds as they are often the 
first clue to what could be a serious lab problem.

Thanks for your attention --

Your SNF Staff
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