MSE Colloqium and Undergraduate Poster Symposium - Fri Aug 27 at 3:30PM

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MSE Undergraduate Research Program Invited Talk

August 27, 2010
CISX Auditorium
Starts at 3:30PM

*Exploring the Properties of Graphene and Nanostructured Boron Nitride*

*Alex Zettl*

Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Department of Physics

University of California, Berkeley
*azettl at*

Graphene, a single sheet of sp2-bonded carbon, is an interesting materials
from a basic science and applications point of view.  I will discuss some
recent high-resolution microscopy experiments utilizing graphene.  A related
sp2-bonded system is synthetic boron nitride, for which research is
intensifying.  I will discuss some recent results for BN sheets and tubes.
MSE Undergraduate Summer Research Poster Symposium
Science and Technology at the Nanoscale

August 27, 2010

CISX Patio
Starts at 4:30PM

After the invited talk by Prof. Alex Zettl

** Pizza and drinks will be served**


*Student Name*


*Project Name*


Daniel Eth

A. Lindenberg

X-Ray Pump-Probe Spectroscopy for Ultrafast Probing on the Atomic Scale


Lawrence Crosby

A. Salleo

ZnO Nanostructure Films for Transparent Conductors


Jacob Smith

A. Salleo

Optimizing Sheet Resistance of Ga-doped ZnO Thin Films for Fatigue Testing


Edwin Brower

B. Clemens

Studying the Thermodynamics in Mg/Pd Thin Films for Hydrogen Storage through
Optical-Transmission Measurements


Eli Pollak

B. Clemens

Epitaxial Cobalt Disilicide as an Electrical Contact in Biaxially Textured
Inorganic Photovoltaic Thin Films


Heidi Norton

J. Cochran

A Comparison of Agatoxin and Agouti as Protein Engineering Scaffolds for
Targeting Tumor Marker αvβ3 Integrin


Miguel San Pedro

M. McGehee

Efficiency of *N*-Alkylthieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione:Indene-C60 Monoadduct
and Bisadduct Solar Cells


Oliver Friedberg

N. Melosh

Development of a Solar Concentrator System to Operate a Photon-Enhanced
Thermionic Emission (PETE) Device


Emily Ye

N. Melosh

AFM Force Spectroscopy of Negatively Charged Lipid Stacks and Interaction
with Amphipathic Peptides


Eric Newton

P. McIntyre

Nano-structured Metal/TiO2/Si Anodes for Water Oxidation


Suraya Omar

R. Dauskardt

Use of the Bulge Test to Study Biaxial Biomechanical Behavior of Human
Stratum Corneum


Scott Takahashi

R. Dauskardt

Displacement Rate Correction Formula for use in DCB Delamination Tests


Alice Che

R. Feigelson

Characterization of Strontium Iodide


Clarissa Gutierrez

R. Feigelson

Densification of Rare-Earth Doped Y2O3 Ceramics


Luisa Russell

R. Sinclair

TEM of Gold-Silica Core-Shell Nanoparticle Raman Labels Conjugated to


Iheoma Umez-Eronini

R. Sinclair

Magnetic Layer Characterization in Perpendicular Recording Media


Jonathan Yu

R. Sinclair

TEM Analysis of Magnesium Thin Films for Hydrogen Storage


Wyatt Ratliff

S. Heilshorn

Oxygen Diffusion through Collagen at Different Densities


Jeffrey Sweet

S. Heilshorn

Effects of Salt Concentration on Mechanical Properties of Elastic Hydrogels


Thomas Carney

Y. Cui

Electrospinning Synthesis of Nanowires

Chris Earhart
Acting Assistant Professor
Materials Science & Engineering
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