Todays short lab evacuation (~5:00- 5:05pm)

maurice maurice at
Fri Aug 27 17:55:13 PDT 2010

Today at approximately 5:00pm several user reported a smell in the lab.  
We found smoke in the back service area and Uli used the lab red phone 
to evacuate the lab.

We found oil squirting from the back of the Tylan pump cabinet.  
Tylannitride was in a pumpdown step and had only N2 flowing.  We aborted 
the program and and shut off the pump.

After several minutes the odor dissipated. We notified the lab users of 
the issue and let them re-enter the lab.

As always, in the off hours, if you smell anything unusual, evacuate the 
area and contact the SNF on-call cell phone 650-521-7306.

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