AW610 Progress Update

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Aug 31 16:27:19 PDT 2010


I apologize for sending this to all the lab members, but we don't 
have a sure fire way of communicating the progress on the new AW610 
manual RTP systems to all of the interested parties.

I ran our standard oxidation qualification on the AW610-l 
system.  The resulting oxide thickness is within 5 Angstroms when 
compared to the AG4100 and it is displaying somewhat better oxide 
uniformity.  The data can be found in AW610_l coral maintenance 
section.  I am releasing this system for processing of pyrometer 
controlled recipes.  I still want to integrate in some of the 
facilities to make your processing more automated.  If you need to 
use this system (remember it's the cleaner system), please let me 
know and we can work on bringing up your recipes together and getting 
you qualified on the system.

The AW610_l system I'm making available is our cleaner system.  I 
know everyone is waiting for the less clean system (AW610-r), but 
there are some minor hardware problems (we need a new fitting for the 
camber cooling and there is a problem with one of the gas 
channels).  Since the likelihood of loosing chamber cooling during 
processing is high, I want to keep the system down until this is 
repaired.  I verified the software configurations on this system 
(AW610_r), so I'm anticipating only a half day of work after the 
repair before releasing this system to pyrometer controlled 
recipes.  I believe there is high demand for low temperature 
processing on this system (temperatures below the pyrometer range), 
so we will need to determine how we want to configure this system 
(pyrometer or thermocouple control).


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