Seminar Announcement: Roger Brennan "Spreading Resistance Analysis (SRP)" Tuesday, July 13th, 2:00P Allen 101X Auditorium

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"Spreading Resistance Analysis (SRP)"


Speaker - Roger Brennan


Date: Jul 13, Tuesday

Time: 2p - 3p

Cypress Semiconductor Auditorium (Former CISX101 auditorium) Allen Building


Brief Abstract of Presentation:

Using a pair of tiny probe tips, it is usually possible to extract a

resistivity-depth profile in silicon and germanium.  Assuming

published values of carrier mobility (derived from single-crystal

material), it is possible to calculate a carrier concentration-depth

profile -- critical for device performance.


SRP had a dynamic range of about 9 decades and can cover the entire

resistivity range in one profile if needed. Of course, as with all

measurement techniques, it has its limitations.


Bio for the speaker - Roger Brennan

While working as a chemist, about two years after earning his BS in

Chemistry (Marshall University, 1963), he became excited about

semiconductor processing. Thirty-six resumes later, he became the

masking engineer for the beginning MOS production effort at Texas

Instruments, Dallas TX.  Over the years, he has been a diffusion and

masking engineer working with bipolar, MOS, and MEMS -- both analog

and digital. Late in1979, he discovered Solecon Labs and the

usefulness of their spreading resistance analysis. He joined Solecon

in 1980 as the laboratory manager and served as president from 1992

until retirement in 1997. He returned as a "retread" in 2004 and has

been serving as the applications director.




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