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Hello all,
as you are hopefully becoming aware the SNF is home to three new ALD
chambers (namely savannah, fiji1, and fiji2).  I am writing to give an
update about these tools, the plans going forward, and to let you know about
the new ALD quality circle.

*ALD quality circle:*  this is the most important element of this email
because the quality circle will be the best way to gain further information
about the ALD systems going forward.  The quality circle will meet every
other friday 10-11am in Allen 201 (starting next friday, July 30).  The
point of these meetings is to disseminate information about ALD in the SNF;
address issues and concerns from the user community; propose new processes
and capabilities; develop appropriate procedures and policy for the tools;
and perform, monitor, and evaluate experiments as the ALD capability in SNF
is expanded and developed.

savannah:  this thermal ALD system from cambridge nanotech was purchased as
by Profs. HSP Wong, Howe, and Mitra as part of their nanomechanical logic
grant from DARPA.  It is semi-clean in status and currently operating with
Al2O3, TiO2 films running well and TiN and WN underdevelopment.  Lots more
information including how to get trained can be found here:
There are a couple of holes remaining concerning this documentation:  the
process results and the full list of recipe parameters.  these will be
completed when i return to stanford this weekend.  any feedback about the
documentation is appreciated.

fiji1/fiji2:  This is the new cambridge nanotech fiji f202 system that was
purchased in 2010 with recovery act money through an NSF grant, some
contributions by several faculty, the nano groups, and in collaboration with
cambridge nanotech.  fiji1 and fiji2 can operated independently and are
identical other than that fiji1 is will be classified as clean and has an
ozone generator, while fiji 2 will be classified as all materials and does
not have ozone.  if you feel the classification of fiji1 and fiji2 need to
be flipped or changed, please come to the quality circle to discuss.
 fiji1/2 had their facilitization completed yesterday as noted in Ted Berg's
update email.  They are awaiting final permitting from the fire department,
university, and county (by the time you read this some of these permits may
already be in).  The fiji system has both thermal and plasma ALD capable.
 once the permits are finalized, a representative from cambridge will be
present to do a final check including deposition tests.  these are the
depositions tests that will be performed initially:
fiji1:  Al2O3 with h2O precursor; Al2O3 with ozone;  Al2O3 with O2 plasma;
HfO2 with h2o precursor; HfO2 with ozone; HfO2 with O2 plasma
fiji2:  Al2O3 with h2O precursor; Al2O3 with O2 plasma; HfO2 with h2o
precursor; HfO2 with O2 plasma

after successful completion of these films, the system will be immediately
available for training.  documentation similar to that of the savannah is
currently in preparation.  Numerous users excited for this new capability
have already contacted me and i have a list for trainees that i will
continue to add to based on a first come first served basis.

The first films to be developed on the fiji system after the test films are
as follows:
TiO2, TiN, Pt, Ru, WN, ZrO2, SiO2
each of those films has an established fiji recipe from our partners at
cambridge that have been developed on their fiji system.  i were nice enough
to let me run TiO2, HfO2, Al2O3, Pt, Ru, TiN, ZrO2, and SiO2 when i visited
in them in late May.  these films have been in the hands of various
labmembers.  the feedback has been positive for each so far.  because of the
previously established recipes we can expect these films to come along
somewhat quickly although there will be significant effort necessary to
characterize these films.  those interested in helping should visit the
quality circle meetings.

after these films a longer term co-development with cambridge's help and
input will be undertaken on:
W, ITO, Ni, Cr, SrTiO3 and other films depending on the interest of the user
community.  the timeframe and effort required to develop these films is
unknown (that's why it is research) but i would expect it to be substantial
and not something one could realistically expect to happen within a few

best guess for timeline:
permitting:  August 8
final qualification:  August 15
training begins and availability of Al2O3 and HfO2:  August 17
Availability of TiO2, TiN, Pt, Ru, WN:  August 30 (these precursors have
already been ordered or are already delivered to SNF
availability of ZrO2 and SiO2:  early September (these precursors still need
to be ordered and find a champion for early development)
availability of W, ITO, Ni, Cr, etc:  sometime in the future (if you want to
be involved to make it sooner, please let me know).

well i think i've covered most of what i wanted to get out to everyone...and
at this point i've typed a much longer email that anyone particularly likes
to read.

any and all feedback and question are welcome.  if you happen to have read
this far, pat yourself on the back and remember to be nice to your fellow
man all day long.

ps.  one final thing, please be careful when moving around the fiji system
because the loadlock arms are fragile and should not be bumped into
accidentally (well, actually they should not be bumped into on purpose
either, but i thought that wasn't very likely).
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