ALD updates (savannah, fiji-l, and fiji-r)

J Provine jprovine at
Thu Jul 29 06:37:58 PDT 2010

Dear SNFers,
this time a shorter update on the ald status in the snf.

*quality circle*:  first meeting this friday at 10am in allen 101.  note the
location change compared to what was announced previously.

*savannah*:  system now on coral.  the documentation is finished as it
currently stands.  changes were:  1) corrected QC meeting location; 2) full,
annoted list of ALD recipe commands; 3) standard recipes delineated and
annotated; and 4) process monitoring data added.  training is open for those
interested.  see the website (
for all pertinent information and provide any feedback you wish.

*fiji1 and fiji2*:  as john shott astutely pointed out fiji1 and fiji2 were
not easily differentiable, so instead we have fiji-l (left chamber when
facing the load lock end of the system - this is the one with ozone and is
currently slated as the clean chamber) and fiji-r (right chamber when facing
the load lock end of the chamber).  the chambers under fiji-l and fiji-r are
on coral.  those who have emailed me are on the training list.  it is very
helpful to know your desired materials and cleanliness level to plan
accordingly.  the system is still in permitting limbo and i hope to have
further information soon regarding that status.

thank you and have a great day.
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