Reminder: TODAY 4PM, Flexures In MEMS seminar - Roman Gutierrez - Allen/CIS-101X

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Tue Jun 1 11:32:56 PDT 2010

Flexures in MEMS
Tuesday, June 1, 2010   
4:00-5:00 pm Allen 101X Auditorium

Roman Gutierrez
Arcadia, California


Flexures are commonly used in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to introduce compliance into sensors and resonators, allowing them to respond to physical excitations such as acceleration, pressure, or electrostatic force. However, MEMS flexures can be used to serve a variety of additional purposes, including motion control, thermal coefficient of expansion (TCE) compensation and alignment. In optical products, such as MEMS based cell phone cameras, flexures enable MEMS to interface seamlessly with separate components manufactured using more traditional processes, such as plastic injection molding. This talk will present some of these unique flexure systems, and describe some of the considerations in their design. As an example, the MEMS flexures used in the cell phone camera for Motorola’s Ming A1600 will be described.

Speaker Bio 

After 10 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on high precision laser metrology and MEMS based gyroscopes, Roman Gutierrez co-founded SiWave (aka Siimpel) in 2000 to develop MEMS optical switches. The company was acquired by Tessera in 2010, and Roman continues as CTO/VP Engineering for the MEMS division. Mr. Gutierrez is a pioneer in the application of MEMS and Optics to new product development and has authored 52 issued patents and over 30 patents pending. He received his BS in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology, and his MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California Santa Barbara.
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