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>Call for User Proposals:  The Molecular Foundry
>Call for Proposals Begins:  Monday, June 14, 2010
>Submission Deadline:  Thursday, July 15, 2010
>Projected Award Date:  Friday, October 4, 2010
>Dear Colleagues,
><http://foundry.lbl.gov/>The Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley 
>National Laboratory (LBNL), a Department of Energy (DOE) national 
>nanoscience user facility, is currently accepting requests for user 
>access to its instruments, capabilities and skilled technical staff 
>from scientists and engineers who are seeking to enhance their own 
>research projects.  Requests from potential users, in the form of 
>web-based standard proposals, must be received not later than July 
>15, 2010 to be considered in our current semiannual call cycle.
>The mission of the LBNL Molecular Foundry is to provide researchers 
>from academic, government and industrial laboratories from around 
>the world access to instruments, materials, technical expertise and 
>training in nanoscience.   Access to the Foundry is free of charge 
>for research that is in the public domain and intended for open 
>publication.  Users wishing to generate as well as maintain 
>confidential information and data will pay a full-cost-recovery 
>rate, but also have greater latitude regarding collaboratively 
>generated intellectual property.
>The Molecular Foundry hosts six Facilities focusing on the 
>multidisciplinary development and understanding of "soft" 
>(biological and polymeric) and "hard" (inorganic and 
>microfabricated) nanostructured building blocks and their 
>integration into complex functional assemblies.  These research 
>facilities serve as a particularly valuable resource for users 
>pursuing multidisciplinary research in nanoscience (e.g., physicists 
>interested in learning biological techniques, biologists seeking 
>nanofabrication expertise, experimentalists pursing theoretical 
>studies).  All projects that may benefit from Foundry capabilities 
>are welcome, particularly those which relate to our four research 
>themes and reflect areas of expertise of the Molecular Foundry 
>staff.  The Foundry strongly encourages project submissions that 
>take advantage of our other LBNL user facilities, including the 
>Advanced Light Source, Energy Sciences Network, Joint Genome 
>Institute, the National Energy Research Scientific Center, and the 
>National Center for Electron Microscopy.  The Foundry also maintains 
>agreements with affiliated laboratories that can be requested within 
>your web-based proposal submission.
>Prospective users are invited and strongly encouraged to contact 
>Molecular Foundry staff in the respective theme areas to discuss 
>proposal ideas and to learn more about special capabilities of 
>particular interest (visit the "Our Staff" section at the Foundry 
>web site).  We encourage discussion of your proposal's central ideas 
>to ensure the Foundry has appropriate facilities, equipment and 
>staff to perform your requested research.
>Decisions reached in this round of proposal submissions will be 
>announced approximately ten weeks after submission deadline; for 
>this call we anticipate a notification date of October 4, 2010.  All 
>approved projects will receive user access and work may begin as 
>soon as scheduled after this notification, having a signed user 
>agreement in place between institutions and completion of EH&S requirements.
>For further information, please visit:
>The Molecular Foundry Home Page
>The User Program Description
>The User Proposal Process
>Molecular Foundry Staff Scientists
>LBNL User Facilities and Affiliated Laboratories
>We look forward to receiving your new proposal.   Should you have 
>any questions regarding this process, please contact the User 
>Program Office by e-mail at <mailto:foundry at lbl.gov>foundry at lbl.gov 
>or by telephone at 510-486-4574.
>David A. Bunzow
>Molecular Foundry User Program Manager
><mailto:dabunzow at lbl.gov>dabunzow at lbl.gov
>510-486-4574 (office)
>701-541-2354 (cell)
>The Molecular Foundry
><mailto:foundry at lbl.gov>foundry at lbl.gov
>ph: 510.486.6312
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