Course Announcement: ME420 Applied Electrochemistry

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Wed Jun 16 16:44:48 PDT 2010

Dear labmembers --

Your fellow labmember, Rainer Fasching, is teaching the following course in Applied Electrochemistry this summer:


  Applied Electrochemistry  ME420 - Syllabus, Summer 2010


The class is an introduction to applied electrochemistry with focus on micro-/nano-scale applications. Basic concepts of physical chemistry are presented, of 

which the fundamentals of electrochemistry are built. Theory of electrochemical methods of energy conversion and material characterization are discussed with 

emphasis on the scaling behaviors. This year electrochemical energy storage devices with main focus on batteries will be discussed 

in class. Journals articles are reviewed within the framework of the course with focus on 

current research and challenges of advanced battery technology.


*Classroom:* Hewlett Teaching Center Rm 101

 *Time: * Tuesday and Thursday

 10:00-12:00 AM

 *Instructor: *Rainer Fasching

 Building 530, Room 220

 Tel: 650-723-0084

 Fax: 650-723-5034

 Email: rfasch at <mailto:rfasch at> <mailto:rfasch at>


*Goal of the course: To introduce you to the fundamentals, modern methods, and current 

trends of applied electrochemistry:

 Understand the basic concepts of electrochemistry for energy storage

 Gain familiarity with battery technologies and current trends

 Build confidence and knowledge to deal independently with electrochemical problems



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