Please check if you have taken the wrong mask

Jiale Liang liangjl at
Tue Jun 22 15:56:37 PDT 2010

Hi labmembers,

I have been tracking down the ASML use history and bothered several users after me to help me find the mask (Thanks to all!). The last person who saw my mask is Linda Ohara, who kindly loaded my mask out of the SMIF box and put it in the lost and found bin in the gowning room last Thursday. However, it's already gone when I realized I lost the mask and checked the bin last Friday. I do notice there is a mask called "FINFET" in the lost and found bin. I'm wondering if you have mixed your mask with mine and took away the wrong mask. If so, please kindly check and change it back. I'll really appreciate your help.


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