Boron predeposition in Tylan5

Pradeep Nataraj pradeep.nataraj at
Wed Mar 3 15:56:09 PST 2010


I used to  950c for 30 min and Wet ox 15 min at 1000C and able to get
40Ohms/Sq. Even though my last run was came out high like around 150Ohms/Sq
which was 3 weeks ago.
There is some thing goig on with the tube,need to be fixed.


On 3/3/10, Lele Wang <lelewang at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone used tylan5 for predeposition of boron and measured the right
> sheet resistance? I did a predeposition at 1000 degree for 30 minutes, but
> get an unexpected high sheet resistance, about 800 OHMS/SQ. Then I did a dry
> oxidation at 900 degree for 30 minutes and did a BOE etching for 1 minute,
> but the resistance is still high, about 800 OHMS/SQ, should be less than 100
> OHMS/SQ. What are the right steps before measure the resistance? Thanks.
> Best,
> Lele
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