Nanosociety Meeting Friday @ 12:15pm, McCullough 115: Looking under the bed: a study of nanowire properties that are often ignored

Brian E Hardin bhardin at
Thu Mar 4 11:31:34 PST 2010

Erik Garnett will be discussing his recent work (published in Nature
Nanotechnology) about dopant profiling and surface analysis of Si nanowires.
The talk will began at 12:15pm in McCullough 115. Pizza will be served.

*Looking under the bed: a study of nanowire properties that are often

*Erik Garnett

Material Science and Engineering

Postdoc in McGehee, Brongersma, and Cui Groups

Nanowires have received tremendous research attention in the last decade and
have been used to make solar cells, thermoelectrics, sensors, transistors,
batteries and resonators, often with improved properties over bulk devices.
However, there has been very littlle attention given to characterizing the
dopant distribution and surface state density, which are known to affect the
electrical properties in bulk devices and should impact nanoscale devices
even more due to the large surface to volume ratio.  The standard methods
for extracting nanowire doping concentration from field effect transistors
rely on several untested assumptions, while surface states are almost always
ignored in calculations.  This talk will discuss capacitance-voltage
measurements performed on individual silicon nanowires to extract the radial
dopant distribution and surface state density.  The standard assumptions
used in nanoelectronics research will be analyzed in the context of the
capacitance-voltage measurement results.
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